Absolute 64 FLY

64 FLY

Comfort and simplicity

64 FLY

Comfort and simplicity

Irresistible as a vocation

Yachts can be compared to ladies, for their elegance. Ancient vessels, are called nobles as a sign of respect. The epithet of majestic suits the sumptuous transatlantic steamships of the XX century. Admired polar explorer’s wild boats, are defined as intrepid.

These are the four elements that shape “Absolute 64 FLY”.

Deck neat and soft lines contrast with the unmistakable Absolute diamond spearhead to convey the idea of elegance. As well as refined materials combinations used for the interior, for the construction of furniture, natural wood exposition, leathers, chrome plating and crystals. The space partition in the lower deck is elegant and harmonic. The four cabins welcome the ship owner and his guests, offering them comfort, privacy and refreshment.
The nobility of the authentic navigation with a constant aspiration to light and sun. Large windows offer the seamen a clear view of the sea, which is the last frontier to be explored of our world. The noble respect for this frontier is reflected by the excellent integration between Absolute hull and IPS engines that reduce emissions and consumptions. So the boat proceeds nobly, caressing the sea and cutting through water, without blessing it.

Total length m / ft 19,60 m / 64,04 ft
Beam 5,15 m / 16,11 ft
Max. persons capacity 16
Fresh water tank capacity 650 l / 171,72 gal
Fuel tanks capacity 3000 l / 792,53 gal
Engines available 2 x D11-IPS950 725 HP Diesel - cruising speed 25 knots, consumption 170 l/h
2 x D13-IPS1200 900 HP Diesel - cruising speed 26 knots, consumption 220 l/h

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Lower Deck

Main deck

Upper deck