Absolute 60 FLY

60 FLY

The appeal capturing in a while

Another piece of the mosaic “Absolute Global Project“

The overall image that depicts the mission of the company Absolute takes shape with energy year after year, unstoppable. It’s an image full of strong personality, that of made in Italy, of navy, of fascinating and inimitable style, of innovative technology. It’s an image that strikes for sharpness and rationality in all its details, and for the absence of confusion and uncertainty. It’s an image composed by different pieces, a mosaic in which each piece is distinct, unique and independent, but included in an unitary and harmonious vision.

This ambitious, creative and original commitment is named “Absolute Global Project“: a piece of this mosaic, strong for its character and its distinctive features, is “Absolute 60 FLY“.

It would seem possible to present this boat with few words: it would be sufficient to list all its equipments, describe the internal cabins and outdoor areas, illustrate numeric technical and functional data, just like any other boat. And it wouldn’t be necessary to use “special” words, because the nautical lexicon usually employed for 60 foot yacht is always the same.

But it’s not like this. Reality is more articulated and interesting than usual.

Total length m / ft 18,40 m / 60,40 ft
Beam 5,05 m / 16,70 ft
Max. persons capacity 14
Fresh water tank capacity 600 l / 158,51 gal
Fuel tanks capacity 2400 l / 634,03 gal
Engines available 2 x D11-IPS800 625 HP Diesel - cruising speed 27 knots
2 x D11-IPS950 725 HP Diesel - cruising speed 28 knots, consumption 180 l/h

Download Absolute 60 FLY catalogue

Catalogue 60 FLY.pdf (4.2 MiB)