Absolute 56 STY

56 STY

The two faces of innovation

56 STY

The two faces of innovation

Over the years, Absolute righteously gained the reputation of most innovative and dynamic nautical company, capable of catching and anticipating the changeable needs of the international market as well as the owners’ wishes; the creative team is constantly moving, and this time, the outcome of this ongoing study is the Absolute 56, in its two brand new FLY and STY versions. Absolute friends and lovers remember with appreciation the 56 STC hull, which was a real pioneer of the triple IPS engines back in 2006: but the current one is a brand new project.

These jewels are the closest thing to the word “modernity”, and use unique and inimitable features belonging to all the latest Absolute units.
So, what are the above-mentioned features?

Let’s start from the 56 FLY, which equips its titular fly with not one, but two sofas! The first one is the unavoidable couch dedicated to meals and company, comfortable and elegant in its C-shape. Paired with it, there’s a table to make it all look more like an open-air salon; the second one is aimed at the pilot: given its proximity to the piloting place, it offers to both pilot and guests the chance to pleasantly share the Absolute56_STY_08navigation. How about a wide sunbed to enjoy a clear day at its best…Unmissable! Just one gaze at the surrounding marine view from the top of this fly and your concept of “beauty” will never be the same again. And what about the radar arch? Safety and slender lines, an union that never looked so natural.

Furthermore, on bow, there’s a comfortable and secure area for using the pulley, for port operations, for a safe handling of the boat in roadsteads as well as in moorings.

Total length m / ft 16,65 m / 54,04 ft
Beam 4,65 m / 15,01 ft
Max. persons capacity 14
Fresh water tank capacity 560 l / 147,94 gal
Fuel tanks capacity 1700 l / 449,10 gal
Engines available 2 x D6-IPS600 435 HP Diesel - cruising speed 23 knots, consumption 129 l/h
3 x D6-IPS600 435 HP Diesel - cruising speed 27 knots, consumption 165 l/h
2 x D11-IPS800 625 HP Diesel - cruising speed 27 knots, consumption 164 l/h

Download Absolute 56 STY catalogue

Catalogue 56 STY.pdf (4.6 MiB)

Lower Deck

Main deck