Absolute 52 FLY

52 FLY

Your private panorama

52 FLY

Your private panorama

Let the sea be your lullaby!

Any owner’s biggest wish is to enjoy on the sea the very same feeling he enjoys at home; and there’s no more sought objective for Absolute than realizing it; this is the spirit that accompanies the design of the Absolute 52 Fly alike.

It was enginered for your comfort, your eyes, your company: wide areas invite you to live together the Absolute 52 Fly experience. Within its 16 meter length, luxury and design merge with water, and what sprouts from it is the sentiment that the Absolute 52 Fly is an integral part of the environment surrounding it.

52Fly_05Before visiting the main deck, you should really take a look at the fly: it’s really worth a visit! There’s everything needed not to regret the mainland; a large sofa greets the newcomers aboard, announcing a surprising comfort, and, within reach, there’s a table and a piece of furniture that make it all look more like a hall, where, with the aid of a couple of chairs, up to eight people can cozily spend time together, hugged by a captivating radar arch; closely, there’s the piloting place, so that your group can take advantage of each instant spent together. Obviously, it couldn’t come without a reclining sunbed, for anyone who wishes to use a clear and sunny day. Going down a level, and walking down the pulpit surrounding the whole boat, there’s an additional sunbed of generous sizes to be found, whose reclining seats help enjoy the natural show happening right before your eyes.

Total length m / ft 16,00 m / 52,06 ft
Beam 4,46 m / 14,10 ft
Max. persons capacity 14
Fresh water tank capacity 450 l / 118,88 gal
Fuel tanks capacity 1600 l / 422,68 gal
Engines available 2 x D6-IPS600 435 HP Diesel - cruising speed 23 knots, consumption 138 l/h

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Lower Deck

Main deck

Upper deck