Absolute 40 FLY

40 FLY

overcoming space and time limits

40 FLY

Overcoming space and time limits

When you climb aboard for the first time on the Absolute 40 Fly, you can experience an unforgettable emotion because of its 12 meters long and 4.10 meters width which gives a feeling of freshness and delight and with volumes that make this vessel aligned with the requirements from different countries.

The idea behind this boat is double: firstly, an imposing and majestic space and big volumes for comfort and safety and on the other side the possibility of considering Absolute 40 Fly a Pleasure boat in Italy and a vessel suitable for PER in Spain.

The cockpit, which is protected by the Fly and it’s given with a sofa, is designed to make easy and safe the access from the central walkway without having to bend down and without effort.

The door between the saloon and the cockpit is made of glass and it’s so wide to encourage the union between the two areas and to allow excellent visibility during maneuvers.
To the left there is a large sofa with a table suitable for several people.

Total length m / ft 12,05 m / 39,06 ft
Beam 4,05 m / 13,03 ft
Max. persons capacity 10
Fresh water tank capacity 250 l / 66,04 gal
Fuel tanks capacity 900 l / 237,76 gal
Engines available 2 x IPS400 300 HP Diesel - cruising speed 24 knots, consumption 89 l/h
2 x D6 330 HP Diesel - cruising speed 27 knots, consumption 97 l/h
2 x IPS500 370 HP Diesel - cruising speed 27 knots, consumption 100 l/h

Download Absolute 40 FLY catalogue

Catalogue 40 FLY.pdf (3.2 MiB)

Lower Deck

Main deck

Upper deck